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Euro 4,00
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Toothbrush Ssc Napoli

Head: the bristles of different height and angle provide a more thorough cleaning of the interdental spaces

Bristles rubber: allow a greater bleaching action on the teeth and at the same time gently massage the gums

Handle with shoe-shaped design: the ergonomic handle facilitates brushing and is made of non-slip material for greater comfort

Quality: guaranteed by the use of primary materials for the production and sterilization during the packaging

Available in 5 colors:
A) Blue / Blue
B) Blue / White
C) Blue / Yellow
D) Pink / Blue
E) Gray / Blue

Guaranteed by the National Association of Italian Dentists


Bristles: 10.0 - 11.0 mm
Dimensions and Weight: 22 grams - 18x190x123 mm

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